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-Surf Burger Truck- Nr4- 'Surfers Paradise' 100% Grass fed beef patty, 150g chorizo patty, salad, double cheese, bacon, chipotle mayo. Fuck me dead. One of the best burgers I have had in my entire life, hands down. I for some stupid reason during July thought I'd join the boys at work and attempt Dry July but then each one had to call out something else he'll struggle to give up for a month. With an incredible ammount of hesitation and self doubt, I said burgers with a very shaky bottom lip and tear in my eye. Dumbest thing I've ever agreed to. Not the booze, that's easy, but no burgers is going full retard. Luckily this little slice of heaven in the form of a new burger truck called 'Surf Burger' was at the Currumbin Markets on a Friday night and I live just around the corner. Got to the menu and the out of control salivating began. I asked the very cool dude in the truck what's the best burger on the menu and he said "Nr4 bro" so that was settled. My first burger in 5 weeks. I rushed home and inhaled what was the greatest tasting bit of perfection I have had in ages. The addition of a chorizo patty is clear forward thinking kinda shit and should be applauded by the burger gods because it took what already was an epic burger to the next level. Perfectly cooked patties with awesome double cheese (who does single cheese anyway?) in a fantastic bun rounded off by an amazingly good chipotle mayo. These guys are for sure worth driving around the coast for because they do get around but luckily for me they are a permanent feature in my Friday night's from the Currumbin Markets. Treat yourself, you will NOT be disappointed. 8.5/10





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