Ferris Burgers Day Off

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How good is the Sydney burger scene when quality burgs like this are coming out of a coffee shop in a homemaker shopping centre. Kieran did a review last week, otherwise I wouldn’t have known these guys were even on TBC. Like Taftuls, I’m looking at exploring more locations on my work free days and this was stop one. I doubled up their signature which is always risky. It was impressive to look at when it arrived. Nothing says burger porn to me like a bacon double cheeseburger with cheese melt like that. The beef is good. Cooked with a touch of pink, juicy, slightly dense. I’m sure this burger would be better as a single, as most are. Triple cheese on a double, and it helped cut through what would have been too meaty a flavour for me. The sauce combo was great, and the quantity was spot on. The whole balance of the burger was spot on. The centre of the burger became a bit meaty as you expect from a double, but otherwise there was a nice mix of flavours from all the elements without any taking over. The bacon was well cooked. It wasn’t crispy but it wasn’t chewy either. A cheeseburger with no pickles is an interesting idea, though Joe would disagree. I wouldn’t have minded pickled jalapeños which go so well with bbq sauce, but I’m nit picking. A good quality bun. If I’m not thinking about it, I rate it, and not once did I wonder what was holding the burger together. Doubles are unforgiving, and considering I rate the BH double cheesy a 4.4 and my benchmark, I’m really impressed with this burger. I’d rate it higher as a single. The burgers come with fries too.





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