Ferris Burgers Day Off

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A BBQ bacon bacon bacon bacon double cheeseburger if you don’t mind. This burger is an experience. It may be polarising. In the end I landed somewhere in the middle. This was messy. What seemed like an endless supply of juicy saucy liquid made its way all over my hands and face. It’s certainly a meat lovers special. The different elements went well together. It’s not often that you need double beef patties to balance out the amount of pork in a burger! The ratio worked. The beef was tasty and moist, pink tinged. I’m all for triple cheese on double cheeseburgers too. I liked the flavour of southern fried bacon, not something I’ve had before. It was too thickly cut for my liking. I’m not sure my heart would have survived the fat I removed 😂 Love me some @challenger_smallgoods bacon. Well cooked. We comment on the way beef patties are cooked and have a sliding scale from raw to well done. I might introduce a bacon scale, something like natural on the floppy pan cooked side to the oven baked candied brittle other side. This bacon sat in the middle of that. It was crisp, but still held a softness throughout. Through all the mess I didn’t notice the turkey bacon. I can see how it complimented the fried bacon, adding further depth to the crescendo of meaty flavours. There was too much sauce for me, primarily the BBQ sauce. At times it was over powering. The amount of sauce made the burger quite sweet. The pickles, welcomed as always added tangy sourness. There’ll be people that lose their belongings over this burger. ~ 🍔🐷 The Kevin Bacon 🐷🍔 . Double Signature Wagyu Patties Triple Cheese House Southern Fried Bacon Challenger Smallgoods Bacon Turkey Bacon Pickles Maple Baconaise Smokey Red Eye BBQ Sauce . 🍔🐷🍔🐷🍔🐷🍔





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