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🧀🐔 Cheezy Southern 🐔🧀 . Southern Fried Buttermilk Chicken Thigh Candied Bacon Liquid Cheese Red Onion Pickles Smokey Mayo Cajun Spiced Fries St Malo Milk Bun . 🧀🐔🧀🐔🧀🐔🧀 ~ This was my second time to Alberts in the past two weeks. I was keen for a chicken day and when I saw the weekly special revealed my mind was made up. First time I tried the classic cheeseburger and it was a well made good quality cheeseburger. I’d heard the chicken here was good so I was keen to try it out. It probably wasn’t the best burger to try it out on as the cheese sauce dominated the flavour profile. I actually took the burger apart half way through to try the components as separately as I could. The chicken was cooked well. Moist throughout and the coating tasted really good. It mixed really well with the pickles and smokey mayo which really did have a nice smokey flavour to it. I’m not really sure what was meant by candied bacon. It wasn’t baked until it became almost translucent which is how I usually think of candied bacon. It was well cooked, crispy with good flavour. The fries were crispy and well cooked. Couldn’t really taste the Cajun spice through the sauces though. I like the buns here. They have a nice texture without getting in the way. If you’re a lover of copious amounts of cheese on your burgers then step right up. Certainly makes for nice burger porn, but I would rather have a little less to left the other flavours have some time in the sun.





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