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Some days working afternoon shifts, I have the opportunity to duck out for a dinner burger. Not today. So it was a welcome opportunity that presented itself when Darkness suggested a 1230 rendezvous for Mate Burger, today located @Blacktown, a few minutes stroll from the station. Why not a brunch burger enroute to work! 👍🏽The Good Ol Mate👍🏽 👍🏽Fresh ground beef pattie 👍🏽American Cheese 👍🏽Truss tomatoe 👍🏽Butter Lettuce 👍🏽Pickled Spanish onion 👍🏽Special Mate sauce 👍🏽Pickles 👍🏽Milk bun 👍🏽Bacon(mate style) free c/o TBC Clean, fresh, juicy are my first impressions. The beef pattie is not as thick as we’re mostly accustomed to, so it was nice to see it was cooked well, maintaining a good level of moist. I’d even be tempted to double here. Can’t say I noticed the Spanish onion being pickled, yet always enjoy the colour & crunch it always provides. Can’t help but feel a little healthier with this, the fresh truss tomatoe & butter lettuce partnered together. Now the bacon... Initially thought it was less than the crispy I normally crave, yet any doubt became a distant memory from a troubled past upon that first bite - YUM!! There is a certain crispness to it, yet it’s the juicy flavour that really gets you ☺️ All paired nicely with good pickles + special mate sauce in the decent milk bun. A truly enjoyable experience 👍🏽 Henry and his team provided great service. The character himself was a good sport as I pushed for more information on the sauce and his special version of candied(though don’t think overly sweet at all!) bacon 🙊... 😜 Keep an eye out for wherever these guys are, I certainly am from now on





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