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🍔🍔🍔ITALIANO BURGER🍔🍔🍔 🥩Meatball Beef pattie 🍅Italian Tomato sauce 🧀Deep Fried Mozzarella sticks 🍞Brioche bun 🍘Arancini on top 💢HACKED❗ ➕ 🍗Chicken Schnitzel Now I'm not normally a fan of parmy style burgers but the wife and I were seeing a movie and decided to get some dinner before the movie, The Italian Kitchen became an option, thats when I seen they had burgers so of course I had to try them. The owner was there and he was a big happy guy and his service was amazing, but he did get a bit confused at first, when I said to add a chicken schnitzel to my burger haha he thought I wanted to switch the beef to chicken hahahha.. he got it in the end and then he even said he won't charge me for it!! SCORE! When this thing came out I was so happy my mouth started to drool, at first I ate the Arancini off the top, which was delicous, it had a pumpkin filling, so good. I then bit into the burger, was worried at first it might be a rissole like the Criniti burgers but holy shit, this thing was amazing, the beef was like a meatball just massive and such a soft juicy pattie, the cheese sticks gooeeed out and the tomato sauce was flowing and had such a beautiful rich taste, perfect pasta sauce. The chicken was crispy but thin, but made an awesome addition to the burger, probably a good thing it was thin as the burger was able to easily fit in my mouth.





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