Ferris Burgers Day Off

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🇳🇪🐔 Popadum Preach 🇳🇪🐔 . Charred then Fried Tandoori Buttermilk Chicken Thigh Crispy Papadum Cucumber & Tomato Chutney Coconut Yogurt Butter Chicken Mayonnaise Sesame Seed Bun . 🇳🇪🐔🇳🇪🐔🇳🇪🐔🇳🇪 ~ I woke up yesterday morning deciding I wasn’t going to burger. Grabbed a coffee, went back to bed, and opened the TBC app. Whipsy’s review from the night before sat at the top the feed. So I changed my mind. A trip to Chatswood to see what it’s all about. He doesn’t throw those scores around lightly. Wowsers. Definitely in the top few chicken burgers I’ve had this year. If Indian flavours are your thing, it might be a unicorn. It’s got everything covered including a nice zing in the mouth afterwards. A change to thigh for this special, the first of two good decisions. C&S fried chicken is some of the best around, this was better. So juicy, so much flavour. The second good decision was to coat the chicken in an Indian spice mix and fry it, after the initial tandoori preparation. The mixture of sauces packed a flavour punch. Butter chicken mayo 🤤 Coconut yogurt, tangy abs creamy and bringing the desired acidity to break through richness of the other flavours. C&S have a habit of leaving ingredients off the stat sheet. Now I see three sauces on that burger. Maybe it’s the tomato and cucumber chutney? Though that item seems obvious to see. Whatever Desmond did, or added, it worked. The tomato and cucumber brought a refreshing freshness and lift to what could have been a heavy burger. And the papadums brought their own flavour, which lingered afterwards, and gave even more crunch. A burger to be had a with a beer if ever there was one.





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