Ferris Burgers Day Off

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Congratulations Tuls on collaborating with the Brades team on this burger. My plan was to get a double, but in my hungover state completely forgot when I ordered. Let that be a lesson for you kids 😏 In saying that I’m happy to have tried the Tulsburg in its original (remixed 😁) form. The early visitors had the red Leicester cheese variant, which has now changed to red cheddar. There’s been a change from flame to hot plate since my first first. The smokey flavour is gone, the flavours are cleaner, and I imagine will allow the team to create delicate flavour profiles. If pre baking the bacon isn’t done, I’d much rather it cooked on a plate too. Being a Tuls burger, it seems primed for hacking. All the elements pull in the same direction. Cheese dominant as a single, the other elements all meld into and enhance the flavours of the gooey cheese. It’s a really good cheese patty, and I can see why there’s so many requests to keep it as a regular menu hack option. The beef is getting smashed now, though on this burger it was pressed more than smashed. I’m yet to read a review where the beef wasn’t well cooked, and mine was no exception. I tried the bacon by itself, and I couldn’t tell it was maple. The bacon seems to be thinner than my first visit, which I like. It wasn’t crispy, but it doesn’t matter like it does with thicker cuts. Tuls milk is a highlight. It’s a really nice sauce. Sweet, creamy, with sriracha flavour in support. Interestingly I didn’t notice the chips in the burger, other than their texture. I did after I’d finished though, there was a definite after taste of salt and vinegar chips. The lettuce made me feel like I was being healthy, but beyond that I didn’t notice it at all. For the lettuce lovers, you might want to double the lettuce. Really nice creation Tuls 👌🏻 ~ 🍔🌟 Tulsburg 🌟🍔 . 80/20 Beef Patty American Cheddar Streaky Maple Bacon Chipotle & Red Cheddar Fried Cheese Patty Pickles Salt & Vinegar Crisps Sriracha Maple Aioli Butter Lettuce Milk Bun . 🍔🌟🍔🌟🍔🌟🍔





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