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BEEF BACON 🥩 Signature Angus Beef 🥓 Bacon 💦 Hot Chilli Mayo Sauce (Added) 💦 Prago Sauce 🧀 Tasty Cheese 🌰 Grilled Onions 🥗 Shredded Lettuce She doesn't look pretty but she has a heart of gold and that’s probably because the color of tasty cheese melted and the lettuce showing too much white but this was quite tasty. They’ve created their own signature beef which gets delivered and cooked fresh. The beef is juicy and tasty and they press the beef on the hot plate to get some nice char. Speaking to the boss they are just starting out but looking into getting American cheese and pickles and coming up with some sort of fried chicken burger. He is also open to any burger creation ideas I can come up with. Every burger joint should have a weekly or at least monthly special burger. This is looking very promising. I will also persuade for brioche or milk buns. Love the combination of the creamy hot chilli mayo and Prago sauce which is sweet and sour and also creamy. These guys do some pretty tasty sauces can’t wait to try the others and mix around. Bacon again was crispy as requested the onions grilled beautifully. As beef is tasty and alittle on the small side I’m confident can start to double it and will be even better although I would like some American cheese and pickles ASAP. He assures me the wings and chicken tenders are awesome hmmn maybe I can get him to create me a chicken tender burger.





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