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🇨🇭 👄 The Swiss Kiss 👄 🇨🇭 — Hot raclette cheese (one added)  — 20/80 patty  — Ketchup  — Red onion  — Herb aioli  + Southern fried chicken With so many great burger places happening in Sydney it's difficult to decide where to go next. If I'm honest with myself I know I should have gone out to Burger Hounds a long, long time ago. The pull of the "Gone Too Fa!" was just too strong. And got me across the line in the end. Unfortunately they sold out just before I got there, but luckily I went with a solid plan B.  It may be hard to see in the photo, but I added fried chicken to my burger. This hefty bird really took centre stage; in terms of both size and flavour. I've had my fair share of fried chicken, so I can say with pretty high confidence that these guys really do know what they're doing. The coating was as crunchy as it was tasty. Some really great southern spices used here, and heavy with garlic flavour. The chicken is an oxymoron of textures; with the really crispy and crunchy exterior came the moist and succulent interior. I don't think I'll ever come here and not get chicken added to my burger, it's just too good.  On top of each protein sat an oozy layer of raclette cheese, creamy in texture and stringy when pulled apart. Best enjoyed when served sizzling hot it was fantastic with both chicken and beef. As it cooled down it however did get more chewy, but kept its milky flavour — similar to a Jarlsberg.  The beef was just excellent, it had some of the strongest caramelised flavouring I've had in a beef patty. It wasn't drowned out by the rest of the burger and was another distinct element here to admire. Mine wasn't pink in the centre but still maintained a good level of juiciness. The sweetness in the ketchup is a great companion to the beef, further to the pickles and red onion keeping the burger fresh and bitey. Up top the herb aioli was distinctly flavoured with chive and garlic, it melted through with the heat and made my top bun into garlic bread (not complaining). It was rich and creamy, and I just loved it with the chicken. I am almost too impressed with the quality of the burgers here, and surely I won't need too much to entice my next visit. Especially with fried brie wheels on offer.





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