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πŸ” THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL BURGER JOINT IN SYDNEY πŸ” * What's crack-a-lackin my people? Today I've got yet another burger that I was craving to try out during my Sydney Trip. The infamous @milkylaneofficial, who seems to garner as much good press as well as bad press on social media. So you can bet I was Keen as hell to try them out for myself to see what's up. * This here is the "Chic-kanye" from @milkylaneofficial in Parramatta which I had the honour of visiting on #friedchickenfriday with the bottomless stomach @foodcoma_eats, the fattest of red's @the_fat_red, little Miss sunshine @kira.rodionov and the Big Bad Bogasian @sydneyfooddude πŸ”₯ * πŸ” Burger Breakdown πŸ€“ πŸ’³ " Chic-Kanye " πŸ” - Crispy Southern Fried Chicken πŸ₯“ - Crispy Maple Smoked Bacon πŸ§€ - Double American Cheese πŸ₯— - Carolina Slaw, Butter Leaf Lettuce πŸ’¦ - ML BBQ Sauce, ML Sauce 🍍 - Pineapple Relish Added: πŸ” - Another Piece of Chicken πŸ₯“ - More Maple Bacon πŸ§€ - And More Cheese! * πŸ” (6.5/10) PRETTY DAMN STANDARD, NOT BAD BUT NOT GREAT! πŸ” The reason this burger has a 6.5 and not a lower score is because of that chicken, it was so good I couldn't fathom putting it any lower than a 6.5 The fried Chicken in this burger was bloody sublime, and I'm so glad I got 2 pieces of them. Thick crunchy coating with succulent, juicy meat inside. Well seasoned too, meaning great flavour πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ But the rest of the burger was very ordinary, let me explain. Although each ingredient on paper, sounds bloody amazing, for some reason when it's put together it cancels out the intensity that would make any flavour stand out. Making every amazing flavour become lost in the confusion. Now before you say it's because I added more stuff to the burger. I did dissect this burger and tried every ingredient individually as well as a whole, so I could gauge a proper idea of each flavour. * πŸ’Έ=$19 For the burger without all the add-ons I put into it. Don't care where you are from, that's not cheap for a single fried chicken burger, also for a burger to be that price, you'd expect a more well thought out construction. * 🧐TLDR= TRIED OUT THE BIGGEST THING TO HAPPEN TO BURGERS SINCE BAR LUCA, WASN'T THAT IMPRESSED.





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