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26 months in the making 😱🤯 • Firstly, bare in mind both this review, and my expectations were heavily influenced by the multiple times I had been just over 2 years ago. • Hello Sam was undoubtedly in my top 3 for a very long time. • I'm not sure how it took me 26 whole months to return to one of my favourite joints. • Anyway, I ordered my usual. The Juicy Lucy, with added fried chicken, extra cheese, no bbq sauce and no grilled onions. It was $24. • Immediately, I could tell it looked different. But not in a bad way, because it looked heavenly. Just different. • The fried chicken coating was far less crunchy and flavoursome that it used to be. The piece of chicken however was super thick and succulent 🤤 • The McSam sauce was bang on as usual and I'm happy that they were generous with it. Can never have too much. • The brioche bun was different too, but it was nice, and the bacon was exactly how I like it. Not tooooo crispy. • The major disappointment here lies within the juicy lucy patty. Reason being - the main characteristic of said patty is that it's supposed to be injected with heaps of melted cheese. I can't remember what they used in the past, but man I used to be able to do the most epic cheese pulls 🤩 • Unfortunately, there was no cheese at all. Literally zero. It was just a hollow hole between two dry patties :( and both my mates who ordered the same burger received the same, so it wasn't just an accident. • That left me feeling ultra disappointed and betrayed. I've literally gone on record in the past saying that this was my favourite burger, however what I had just consumed was a mere shadow of it's former self. • Maybe I should give them another 26 months to return to that almighty former glory I became so used to😂 I definitely left with a bitter taste in my mouth after paying $24 for that mediocrity. • Was I unlucky on the night or has the standard dropped? Let me know!





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