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Zains Burger 🍖Double Angus Beef Patties 🥚Fried Egg 🥓Turkey Rashers 🧀Cheddar Cheese Sauce 🥒Dill Pickles 🍅Tomato Relish ✔Onion Rings ✔BBQ Sauce ✔Mayo Price $25 I wasn't going to originally review this. But as a service to those who are looking at having a burger at Rashays, stay away! It's a trap! At first you think, "Hey this burger has some size to it, 3 sauces, onion rings, double patty. Alright" But no. Your wrong. That burger gets served to your table, you squeeze it down to get a good bite in and BAM! You're hit with the most bland and tasteless burger you have ever had in your life. The Angus Beef Patties are literally hockey pucks, bland, tasteless and dry. You'd have better luck using them as door stops then eating them. The Turkey Rashers had the same texture as the hocky pucks so don't even bother. I get it, it's a Halal style burger, but rashers of beef would have been a better choice. At least they'd go crispy and not just flop on your burg and add nothing to the flavour profile of the burg like use Basterma or similar cured beef (arminian or turkish styles, which ever you prefer), or just stick to good old fashioned bacon! The mayo, bbq and cheddar cheese sauces, couldn't even taste them. If they were in there i couldn't find them. I mean $25 you'd think they'd use more sauce, but no. The onion rings? Soggy AF! No crunch, no flavour. Nothing! How hard is it to make half decent onion rings? I know they don't make a thing in house but come on it can't be that hard to source decent ingredients surely? The pickles were meh and the egg was over cooked, didn't even taste like egg. Bacon and Egg Mcmuffin taste more like egg than this atrocity. Tried to give them constructive feedback on how they can improve their flagship burger but all i got was management has been informed and they'll think about it, and this was after they specifically asked me to email them directly so they can discuss it further 🤦‍♂️ They clearly don't care, and just wanna overcharge for food that anyone can shit out better quality for less money. To sum it all up. Avoid like the flague. Go to maccas or better yet anywhere TBC affiliated. You'll have a far better experience if you do.





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