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Nothing like packing a few more smashed patty pounds on after Easter break 🤤especially when it’s a Beefy snack from a burger shack to add on to your #humpday stomach. 😉👆🏻👹 1 x Double Truffled, 1 x Big Mic, and 1 x Shack’d @classicburgerau 🍔📸 I don’t want to sound too much like candy corn here, but this place definitely feels #classic. With a subtle diner vibe, whilst still staying true to #westernsydney, the menu pays homage to the powerhouses of American and Australian style #steamedhams. The Big Mic. One bite can teleport you back to maccas, but don’t be fooled by this deja vu, they’ve legit nailed the sauce so well that you won’t know whether they stole it from maccas or if maccas stole it from them! If your mate takes a bite and doesn’t have the most confused expression while a cheesy drool slithers from his lips, tell them “it’s okay, you’re at the Classic Burger”. 😉 The double Truffled burg. Tasting like a truffabulous dream, this is a ham you wanna grab if you’re down to slip into a steamy coma, where just the aroma has you second guessing your business diploma and dropping out to become a truffle farm owner. 🤠🐷🐽 Already satisfied with the size of our bloated bellies, just as we were leaving we spotted the secret menu specials lurking below the main menu. On there was the notorious and insta famed Shack’d burger! 🍔 Boasting the taste, look and mouth-feel of a shake shack burger we had to stuff this one down, as glazed and plump as we already were! And oh Lordy, this place knows how to fly you places with one chomp and without leaving the spot. I felt pretty damn special finishing off a steamed ham that was no where else in Aus. And I’ll need my fix again real soon. 9/10 🍔❤️





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