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Although #Balmain ain’t the hood no more, these burgs are so OG they’ll make your head knock back and forth. This joint had the vibe of a diner on Sesame Street meets Monsters Inc. However, I’m not complaining. Because the simple nature and the burger flavor makes you think... if it ever rained burgers, these are the #steamedhams that it would be raining. 🍔🤤 1 x Single/1 x Double Hood Burger & 1 x Double Cheeseburger @hoodburgerbalmain. 🍔📸 For some reason I was expecting a cheaper feed for a place that has #hood in its name, but the price is justified since it’s based in Balmain. A very Suburban burger scene with a very friendly and welcoming vibe, but let’s talk burgers, because we didn’t get any fries. 🤠 The Hood Burger. This ham looks so picture perfect, like it’s straight out of a Nickelodeon toon. More burg spots need to start using pickled onioons with the tomato and lettuce combo, because it creates a noice crunch factor and gives the burg the touch of a rainbow. I can’t really say much besides this is a reputable and reliable steamed ham, doesn’t push any boundaries on the burger scene, it’s like a G rated burger, best for lunch with the fam. 😉👹 The Cheeseburger. Just as, if not more OG than the hood. It’s everything you know and love, and kind of like a pug, after a double you might have some breathing problems, because you’ll feel like the ultimate #chub. No need to cut anything from this local classic #liberals. What we’re saying here, is it’s all good in the hood! Next time we’re searching for the ol’ reliable of burgs in the boutique streets of Balmain, we’ll be sure to hit up the hoodest spot in the game.





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