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1st Review in Canberra Milky Lane and a sneaky message. This place certainly has some hype around it but what does the Canberra crew think of this new joint after a long delay in it opening??? I kicked my education campaign of with the Lil Chicken Weezy, and in true style kicked it up a notch to include: 🍗Crispy Southern Fried Chicken (upgraded to 2) 🧀Double American Cheese 🌰Diced Onions 🥒Pickles 💦Homestyle Mayo 💦American Mustard 🍅ML Ketchup 💦ML Cheese Gravy 🍞Milk Bun. It looked great to start with, but was just a let down from what my tastebuds were craving. The chicken was the highlight, nice thigh pieces and very juicy, but that's about it. These cheese tasted more like glad wrap (see pic), the sauce was somewhat tasteless, and they had glazed the burger with some form of oil. The diced white onions added some pop but it just didn't connect the dots for me. It came across greasy, lacking punch and plasticy. It's clear people go here for the food porn pictures (they are good) and massive milkshakes but the burgers don't live up to the hype. On a unrelated note (and if Admin legends permit me sharing 🙏), if there are any TBC members who are looking to support the RFS, hit me up on the GoFundMe page Beards 4 Bushfires. In short I am not shaving until the fires are out. https://www.gofundme.com/f/beards-4-bushfires It's nothing crazy, not a dodgy scam, just someway I though of giving back. Share the sh't out of it.





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