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The Beef and Bacon Burger has some great points and a couple spots for improvement. Starting off with the goods, the chips were well-salted and herbed, though don’t ordinarily come with aioli so I’m glad I grabbed some. The beef patty was alright; not overly juicy, not well- or under-seasoned, just a standard meat disc, and given its thickness, has the ability to become a star of the show. I’m usually neither here or there on bacon on a burger, but the @otway.pork bacon was explosively good - a great, smoky, thick cut of of meat that I’d not had before and will be trying to source locally in future for my own home cooking. Lettuce and tomato were standard, not too crunchy and gave a fresh burst of texture. Toasted bun scores extra points and always will, despite room for a little more doneness for the extra texture. Nice melty cheese. Cross-section (swipe across) isn’t not too bad either: retains height and integrity through the cut, juices soak into bun without it getting soggy, but exposes the drier elements of the patty, which I think could be resolved with a higher fat percentage. Lastly is the caramelised onions - which until I reviewed the cross-section picture, completely forgot about! In my opinion, you can never have too much onion. I wouldn’t mind seeing a stronger or larger amount of caramelised onion, or perhaps some red onion for some extra colour. Although 6/10 isn’t the highest rating I’ve given a burger, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got it again just for the bacon and delicious house burger sauce.





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