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Boss Burger Co (Waurn Ponds)

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What's happening legends? Sorry for the couple days of going MIA, I've just returned from a massive foodie weekend in #warrnambool with some of the best foodies in the game! So as a means of apology for my absence I give you this beast. Hopefully it's enough foodporn for you to forgive me πŸ˜… * This is the Triple Stacked "Tommy the Chook" from the undefeatable best in the west @bossburgerco. This was my #friedchickenfriday feast that I just had to have before getting picked up by @lord_limo for our amazing weekend away! * πŸ” Burger Breakdown πŸ€“ πŸ” - Southern Fried Chicken πŸ§€ - Cheese πŸ₯— - Slaw 🌢️ - Sriracha Mayo βž• As Is #friedchickenfriday tradition I had to get cuckoo with that fried chicken y'all! πŸ” - Double Fried Chicken πŸ₯“ - Beautiful Bacon Baby! * πŸ” F**KING PHENOMENAL AND A MUST EAT! πŸ” Easily the best Fried Chicken outside of Melbourne that I've ever eaten. There's something about buckets of oil dribbling down my arms that make this burger just so damn dirty and satisfying to devour! This chicken has a lot of batter and although it's an unpopular opinion, I love a lot of batter on my chicken. The more crunch the better for Aindog πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ But don't get me wrong, the inside was still delicious and moist. The bacon was and always will be a great addition to this burger, cooked perfectly and very tasty. The slaw was great as it provided a great sense of healthiness to an ultimately very unhealthy burger and I'm always a fan of a good Sriracha Mayo, which @bossburgerco have pretty much nailed! * πŸ’Έ=$12.50 For the single fried chicken version. I'm going to go ahead and say this one's a no brainer. Worth it. * Having only an hour in Geelong before travelling to our actual @destinationwarrnambool. I can safely say that I've never been happier rushing around like a headless chook, ordering blindly and devouring my burger as if I was just rescued off a deserted island! I've said this before and I'll say it again. If you only do one thing while in Geelong make sure it's eating a big fat fried chicken burger @bossburgerco πŸ™ŒπŸΎ * 🧐TLDR= THE CHICKEN IS BETTER AT BOSS BURGER CO.





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