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Burger Biz (Jindabyne)

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There's a lot of great things about the snow but the food and bev has always been lacking. Think footy stadium quality indian curries but for $20 a pop. Well the snow is upping it's game and this little joint is leading the way right smack in the middle of Jindy. The place is fitted out with American style art on the walls - rappers and the like while some classic hip hop plays over the speakers. There's also vintage video Game consoles there for you to play while you wait/after you eat. Pacman, space invaders, even the original Nintendo. Place is sick. They've also got the biggest collection of chilli sauces just lining the tables, different flavours that will blow your mind. As for why we're all here - it was a cracking burg. Milk buns as fresh as the crisp air outside, pattie cooked well yet so soft and juicy. The melted American cheese drooped down the sides of the burg, just begging to be licked up and devoured like your favourite porn star. If there's any criticism to be made its the rather oily nature of the burg, but it's very little to be worried about and I say that purely because I can't give 5s as there's always room for improvement somewhere. It's a must do for all you snow grommets that head through Jindabyne, whether that's to stay or just cruising through. They've got a good range of craft beers to pick from too so you won't be stuck with those good old Carlton Drys. I'll be back 🤙





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