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🚑 Someone call the doctor, because this place needs a burger doctor. I tried SO hard to find positives and give a constructive review, especially being an owner... but I can’t. So let me tell you a tale... 1️⃣ You can’t put ranch on a burger and call it blue cheese. 2️⃣ The chicken needs to cover the base; not require a microscope. I should be able to hold it up and see it, not turn it sideways and not see it. 3️⃣ You must change deep fryer oil regularly, or you cremate what you cook - such as my onion rings. 4️⃣ Stop using Tip Top buns, especially if your going to toast it with a Bunsen burner. 5️⃣ Don’t call it aioli if you are serving mayonnaise - it’s not the same. 👉🏻 As you know, I’ll give praise and feedback where I can give it, but I couldn’t. And I wouodn’t willingly review this low if I could avoid it or the venue would fix it. 👨🏻 Even customer service was like they’d hired from the Telstra call centre; long wait, no one there and not helpful when you finally get onto them. 💰 I am a firm believer in paying good money for quality; but I handed my hard earned cash over to someone who didn’t care about what they were doing. 🍔 If your not proud or excited to be in this industry and not passionate, get out. 👌🏻 Had to add onion rings to my burger to break up the 98% ratio of bread to filling. (Pic in comments) Really disappointed this left the kitchen. Thebetterbradeshad a very similar experience with me.





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