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Burgercrave was not my first choice, but I was on my way to a party and at 8pm on a Sunday night, a grazer on foot and in a foreign land has little other options than to choose the first thing he stumbles across. I was hungrier than Christian Bale looked in The Machinist and so when i saw the glowing sign of life outside the store that said those oh so glorious words; "Open" I could not resist. Upon entering the venue I was informed of the special Chefs Winter menu and chose to tackle the Ribs burger. First bite was juicier than Sasha Greys pussy midway through a gangbang scene as the tender ribs melted deliciously in my mouth. Also, it was great to see a real bread roll used instead of these brioche buns that every burger joint in town seems to be using at the moment. Unfortunately, this is where the enjoyment ceased. The colslaw on the burger tastes like the stores main supplier is KFC and the "Crave" sauce that they seem to put on every burger tastes worse than an old Asian man's ejaculate that has been left out in the sun for 4 days. The reason this establishment only received a 2.5 rating is simply because I only enjoyed half of the burger. My recommendation if you find yourself forced to eat here in the future is to get the ribs with a side of bread. Stay well clear of the burgers!





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