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🐮🏣🐮Beef Tower Burger🐮🏣🐮 📍Cloris Gormet - Botany When I saw the double here was only $12.90 I knew it was going to be either tiny pattys or have veg/crumb mixed in 😡 as I bit into it I wasnt surprised to find little diced chunks of carrot mixed throughout. The colour of the beef was also a little odd I must say, not that that matters though Was hoping to try the Secret Burger Society but they werent up and running on Uber today unfortunately so opted for Cloris Gormet instead 😁 The sauces were tasty and there was plenty of nice melty cheese 😁👌 Pattys were ok for pattys with veg... but still never a fan of veg in pattys 🤢 Bacon was plentiful but only cooked VERY lightly It was an ok burger place, nothing fancy or worth travelling for, but for the cheap prices I suppose you get what you pay for!





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