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🌟 THE SLOPPY CHOOK! 🌟 * 🍔 KFC Burger + Chicken 🍔 📍 @coburgerandco📍 * As I was rolling through town up to no good last #friedchickenfriday, I happened upon @coburgerandco which my good friend @zacmousty had recommended I try out. And seeing as I'm a slut to any good opportunity I ran on in and ordered a buttload of chicken! 😊 * 🤓 Burger Breakdown 🤓 🐔 - Korean Fried Chicken 🥓 - Maple Bacon 🥗 - Kimchi & House Slaw 🥬 - Lettuce * 🍔 (5/10) PRETTY DAMN STANDARD, NOT BAD BUT NOT GREAT! 🍔 This burger was very hard to rate. On one hand it has a lot of things going for it but on the other it's got a lot of things that aren't. Let me break it down for you. Let's talk about the chicken for starters. Massive pieces of Chook which is a definite positive in my book, the chicken is so big that they don't actually put the whole thing in the burger, they have to cut off some and give it to you on the side with your purchase. That's freaking nuts! 😲 The sauce and marinate were great, really nailed the sweet and spicy KFC flavour I was looking for. The thing that dragged it down however was the crumbing, I wasn't a fan at all. They coat their chicken similar to what you'd get at a Fish n Chip shop. So There's this air bubble between the meat and the crumbing, making the coating come off in one piece and texturally provide nothing to the burger. The Maple bacon was bang on point, absolutely adored it and the way it worked so well with the spicy kimchi 👌🏾. But again the kimchi itself though damn delicious had a drawback as well. It was way too moist, absolutely overflowing with sauce, it completely drenched the burger making it easily the sloppiest burger I've eaten to this date 😔 * 💸= $14 For the standard + $3.5 For an extra piece of chicken. Ridiculously cheap for the serving size you're getting and because because of that I'll happily come back again, but maybe try something else off the menu. * 🧐TLDR= Amazing flavours and top notch quantity for money value. Unfortunately strange coating and wet ingredients make this burger unappealing to me.





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