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Dean's Diner, nay ever has there been an establishment that has serviced more drunkards and late night revelers in the history of the Newtown area. Although there is often evidence of chunder on the pavement outside, a mere metre away from where the grease covered grills fry up delectable feasts, and the owner and chef, Dean himself, a beautifully hairy individual with a shiny, slightly balding noggin who can often be found sporting the classic sweat and cum stained white wifebeater, looks like he would be more at home cooking meth than cooking Burgs. Nevertheless, this place is cheap and decent. For a mere $8 (better value in this inflated economy than old mate Muhammad can give you for a used car that has had its odometer turned back from one of those dodgy car dealerships on Parramatta Road). However, I digress. There is not much that can be done when a Burgs only consists of chicken, lettuce, mayo and a bun. However, I did not endup in hospital for a week with salmonella or have the shits that burn (like after a fiery curry from a late night Indian takeaway) so that's better than I expected when I sat down at this fine eatery. This is a great place for a late night feed or if your poor and hungry, but if your rolling in money there are plenty of better Burgs joints in and around the area. It's like when your at the local brothel, you could take the cheap, peasantry option and go with the skinny Asian whench who looks like she has just had a train run through her and probably still has the cum from her last few Johns dribbling down her thighs, or you could pay a little bit extra and take the fine ass whitey with the big titties and that phhhat arse that makes you want to pound from behind for days on end who will take you for the ride of your life. Whilst the choice is in your hand, I hope that you will take my advice on board and make the right decision. After all, as everyone knows, unky burgersforhands knows best!





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