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I actually had the "CHICKEN LITTLE" burger, it's just not listed here on the app. Came here for lunch before work (hence the very rushed photo) because it wasn't too far and my brother claimed it was the best chicken burger he has had so far. He had the "BBQ Burger", and yes I had a bite out of that too. CHICKEN LITTLE: (3.4/5) A very typical chicken burger you see these days with the cheese, slaw and sweet chilli mayo, but its the details that make a difference right? The chicken fillet was VERY crispy, first few bites were sounds of satisfaction, but I did not have that the whole way through, which didnt bother me too much, but I guess I didn't finish with the bam I started with. I would say it also lacked a little bit of flavour. I was glad that the cheese melted well on top of the piece of chicken though ๐Ÿ‘Œ The slaw had finely grated cabbage and carrots, wasnt that crispy and that mayo overpowered it, a tad too sweet. Maybe it was because of the carrots too. The burger overall I would consider very sweet, there was something missing to amp up the flavour, needed something fresh to break down the sweetness of the brioche bun and slaw. BBQ: (3.6/5 - Based on one bite) DEFINITELY can call it a BBQ burger!! Pattie full of flavour, paired very well with caramelised onions and bacon, smokey & great! Its the sweetness you'd expect. Fresh tomato helped to break it down, cos lettuce didnt make much of an effect in this one. I liked this burger a bit better than the chicken one. Though, I question the cheese's place in it...Not quite right...๐Ÿค” SIDES: Chips: (2.8/10) GREAT CRISP, smelt nice with the herbs, but lacked soooo much flavour. Had it with Sweet Chilli Mayo, nice but did not help me eat the chicken burger. Garlic Aioli ๐Ÿ‘ŽWanted to try the Peri Peri mayo, but they ran out ๐Ÿ™ Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake: (3/5) Was satisfied at first but the mint flavour actually becomes pretty strong after a while. Nothing fancy, but I like that it's on the menu. The setting itself caught me by surprise. Small cafe, but I was impressed with their efforts to decorate the store. Simple, cosy and sleek at the same time. They also have board games on the table so you can play while you wait, not that the wait was long ๐Ÿ˜Š





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