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🇺🇸🥩 Double Texas BBQ 🥩🇺🇸 . Double Beef Patties Double American Cheddar Smoked Bacon Caramelised Onion BBQ Sauce Ranch Sauce Sesame Seed Bun . 🇺🇸🥩🇺🇸🥩🇺🇸🥩🇺🇸 ~ Day tripping back to Adelaide to visit the family. Usually I go with the flow and end up lunching wherever they take me. Decided to try my luck and put forward Fudds as a request. They’ve been a supporter of Ferris since early on and I’m thankful for that. I’m not much of an adventurer when it comes to burgering. I’m fortunate that the places I most frequent I do so in part because of their ease to get to (that they put out amazing burgers is a bonus). Those that are new to me have usually had TBC reviewers do the adventuring. So I went into this with a bit of apprehension. Not least because I almost always do my burgering alone. Trying to explain to your seven year old niece why you’re taking photos of burgers while she looks at you like you’re mad puts things into perspective 😂 Fudds know how to burger. They advised the table of their preference to cook the beef medium and if there was an objection to this. None from me. It arrived looking good. Juices all the right colour hugging the bun, cheese melted nicely. The beef looks smashed. And it’s damn tasty. It needs to be in a burger like this. It’s soft too. Great work by the chef, cooked beautifully. Combining caramelised onions and bbq sauce is flirting with sweetness overload, but it worked well here. The onion enhanced the beef as it should, and prudent use of the bbq sauce added just enough sweetness. The combination with the ranch sauce worked well. Sydney has a style with burger bacon. Oven baked, almost translucent. Concentrated, it adds a chewy texture. Love it or hate it, depends where you’re from. The bun was soft, and held together well. That would have been preference of course. But it’s a Sydney thing 😁 Really good burger experience at Fudds. The staff were great, the burger of high quality.





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