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👑Lord of the Thrones👑 🐮🐮2x Beef patty 💥🥓Crispy AF bacon 🇺🇲🧀American cheese 💧🧀Liquid cheese 👅🧀Tasty cheese 🍞⭕Crumbed onion rings 💢💦BBQ sauce I feel like I've had a pretty good run since I've been on TBC. But that was inevitably going to hit a wall sooner or later. This is that wall. This burger was the weekly special and it was awful. The first burger in over 170 in the last five months or so that I put down and did not finish. Both beef patties were solid, overcooked and different sized pucks of unremarkable cow. Nothing about them impressed me. I'm not actually sure now that there was even bacon on this, though my friend gave me hers. It was pretty tasty but not crispy, let alone crispy AF. The American cheese was good and well melted, easily the best part. I barely noticed the liquid cheese and didn't realise until I read the ingredients before writing this that there was tasty cheese on there too. The onion rings were pretty decent, but not great. There were bbq sauce stains on the inside of the top bun but nowhere near enough to get flavour through to the beef. This burger would've needed a torrent of delicious sauce, actually crispy AF bacon, more cheese and a magic bun to atone for that amount and quality of beef. I was going to give this place a go one way or another. The inside is pretty dilapidated and off-putting too. But Betty's Burgers is not far from here. Do yourself a favour and go there instead.





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