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*TRUFFLE* CHICKEN BURGER "A filling burger, even for one that's not particular big." - 🍗 Marinated Chicken Thigh - 🥓 Bacon - 🧀 Cheese - 🍅 Tomato - 🍀 Lettuce - 💦 Inhouse Sauce - 🌶️ Sriracha - 🌰 Garlic Aioli I'm sure I've heard of John Belvedere, before; the name sounds familiar, but I can't place anything specific on it. Despite the fact that the burger was coming from a bit further away than I'm usually comfortable with, I thought I would give them a try. I have to say, I was impressed by the general quality, given the simplicity of the burger. The first thing I noticed was that the burger does look a little on the smaller side. That said, it was also a bit over half the price I sometimes pay for a burger, so the hungry could just overload it or order two. It was still plenty to fill me up. I am assuming the chicken is marinated in the truffle flavour - all other sauces are secondary ingredients, and don't automatically come with the burger, so it's the only other place I could see them adding it. I'm always a bit hesitant with truffle - I like the taste, but they always add so much that it's all you can taste. This was the first time I've had anything with a nice subtle truffle taste that did not come on too strong. You know it is there, and you know that it works being there, but it doesn’t jump out and flood your tastebuds. The chicken was also juicy, and all in all generally tasty. The cheese was melted just the right amount to blend in with everything, but I did find the cheese tasting a bit overly strong, compared to the rest of the burger. A lighter taste would have added a lot more balance to the burger. The bacon, on the other hand, was perfectly balanced; a crispy outside, with a nice meaty centre. It worked well with the chicken and cheese. The salads were nothing to write home about, but then that's why they are called salads. They were fresh, and there was not too much but not too little, which is really the best you can hope for. The sauces blended really good, on this burger. It is important to point out that the burger does not initially advertise as coming with any sauce; but when I order this burger on Uber, I am required to list the sauces I want. I could have all of them; I could have none of them. I opted for the house sauce (of course), sriracha sauce (yes, please) and garlic aioli. I was hesitant to pick the third option, at first; I was worried I might be adding too much, and would spoil the burger, but opted for giving it a try. I am glad I did, because it all came together perfectly. The burger was not over swamped with sauce, and they all blended together quite well. All in all, I would definitely try one of these burgers, again. I'm only now seeing a bunch of the reviews for this place, and they don't speak too fondly; however, they appear to have replaced their regular chicken burger with the truffle, so perhaps they have been trying to improve. Definitely had a much better experience than others. I originally ordered a loaded fries, which admittedly did not look like the greatest care had gone in to; but after eating this burger, I was pretty full, so I ended up giving the chips to Nan. For what it's worth, she loved them.





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