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CHICKEN BURGER "Would go down well with some nice fish and chips. If only you could get it with some nice fish and chips.." - πŸ— Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel - ☘️ Lettuce - πŸ… Tomato - πŸ₯š Mayo First of all l have to say that, once again, I refuse to put this burger in the same league as what I normally review. This isn't a burger shop. It's not a pop-up, it is not even half the price I normaly pay. For what I DID pay, this was a pleasant burger. The chicken was thin, but crispy. There was not too much lettuce and tomato, something I'm use to from fish and chip shops who are trying to pad their burgers. The salads were fresh, the bun was fresh. The mayo was tangy, but not too tangy. My only complaint would be that they could have balanced the mayo better - I could really taste it on one half of the burger, while the other half was a bit dry. This is the perfect burger for when you go to the local fish and chip shop, get yourself some fish and chips (maybe a fisherman's basket?) and think 'nah I need something else to truely fill me up'. All in all, burger was not half bad. But I need to stress this, the seafood was horrendous. The fish fillet was tiny - it looked more like a rolled up ball than a fish fillet. The onion rings are giant - but compared to Down N Out, I was lucky to find any onion involved. In the same light, the prawn cutlet was mostly batter. I expected as much when it came completely battered - never seen the tail done, before, but OK. Lastly, the potato scallops where bloated and greasey. I rubbed one on the wall, and now I have a window. Chips were not bad.. but nothing else to say about them. To sum up, I'm actually surprised that the best thing about my meal from a fish and chip shop was the burger. I am thanking Christ I did not order a fish burger (do those even count, tho?), and to be honest, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic of the shitty fish and chip shop they had at the bottom of my street. They had a good reason to be shitty. At 5 o'clock in the morning, at a less popular but still well used truck stop, they were the only ones open. Grab a butger from here if you are running past and need a quick bite; don't try the seafood unless trying to get over a massive hangover.





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