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Here we have it folks, the crΓ©me de la crΓ©me of #warrnambool and the single best thing you can, should and would do while visiting there. Eat a big fat burger at @ladyvandeburg! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ * This saucy minx is "The Rebound" which is the biggest burger on the menu, next to the #chompamaticchallenge that is! πŸ˜„ These lovely ladies are head and shoulders above their competition and it's evident in the first delicious bite! πŸ™Š * πŸ” Burger Breakdown πŸ€“ πŸ„ - Double Beef Patties πŸ§€ - American Cheese πŸ₯“ - Streaky Bacon πŸ₯” - Potato Gems 🍝 - Mac N Cheese πŸ”₯ - BBQ & Tomato Sauce πŸ₯’ - Topped with a Pickle βž• I was already in a bit of a foodcoma from eating nonstop for the previous 2 days so I only added something small. πŸ– - BBQ Pulled Pork * πŸ” REAL GOOD TIME, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! πŸ” This burger was actually quite the handful, not sure if you can tell with that picture but it was quite a sizeable burg! The beef was great! Cooked well and went down a treat! I'm glad there was two of them in it, but to be honest I should've added some chicken in there too, because reasons. πŸ˜… The Mac N Cheese was stellar, haven't had loose Mac N Cheese in a while and this burger proved to be a great return to form! The Pulled Pork was absolutely amazing! I wish I added more to it! Or had a bowl on the side of just pulled pork so I could munch on that between bites! πŸ˜„ Here's a bit of a side note though. Everything on their menu is completely gluten free! Well except for the buns of ocurse, which you can substitute for gluten free buns. But the sheer fact that everything is so good that you wouldn't be able to tell it's gluten free is ridiculously good in my eyes! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ * πŸ’Έ= $18 Now if you're a normal human being this burger will more than fill you up. Partner this with the stupidly good "Garbage Chips" and your night is sorted! * This burger was sadly the last thing we ate while in Warrnambool so it marked the end of our amazing weekend away! I can safely say that without a doubt this weekend away was the best damn thing that I've done with instagram so far and has opened the door to new and exciting prospects in my future. Get hyped! * 🧐TLDR= GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! AND MAKE AMAZING BURGERS!





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