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X-Ray Mike

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🍗Marinated breast fillet 💦Mayo 🥦Rocket 🌶Grilled capsicum 💦Cajun relish Was driving past and saw this on the map, love cajun so went with this, the cajun was seriously good, had an awesome spice kick, grilled breast was as good as it can be, loved the rocket and grilled capsicum.  One of the better health feeling burgers that I have had recently.





The Hamburglar 213

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🍔🍔 Moroccan 🍔🍔 * Moroccan Flavoured Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet * Grilled Pineapple * Rocket Lettuce * Mayonnaise I'm not one to eat grilled chicken burgers too often but I don't hate them. This wasn't up to the usual standard I've come accustomed to throughout Sydney, but it was okay. Also this was on an extremely hot day so that's why I went with it. For a grilled chicken it was not too bad and it made me feel like I was eating healthy for a change. The spices and the pineapple were the highlight for me. This place had a lot of burgers with flavours from around the world.





Leo Guo

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First burger from Lashings. So far the best things about this place are the prices. The burger wasn't bad but there wasn't anything special about it at all. The patties were bland and overcooked. No real flavouring or texture to them. The other ingredients are standard in a burger and the sauces... ehh. A good sauce can elevate the flavour of an average burger to so much more. So when a burger place has a majority of their menu items listed with "your choice of tomato or BBQ sauce" that's generally not a good sign. I even added their chilli Mayo on to the burger which was okay at best. Still probably going to go back and try some other choices. Hopefully it'll be better next time.





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