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🐄 Beef Brisket & Short Rib Patty American Cheese 🧀 Burger Sauce🌋 Pickles 🥒 Lettuce🥗 Onion Rings🌰(added) $16 Fancy Fries $15 10min wait Walking into Leonards, you are presented with a lovely little dark lit tavern bar. They welcome you with open arms as you walk in and confronted with the bar and shaggy happy go lucky crew behind it, I also sense there's a dedicated crowd that head in there. And fair enough, it's warm for those cold Melbourne nights, great outside for the summer days. Plus the soundtrack for my meal was 80s - 90s punk and ska... They must have known I was coming. On to the food. I ordered their standard cheeseburger with onion rings added and a side of charcoal chicken loaded fries. The beef was cooked very well, even though I like mine a bit more pink it certainly wasn't dry, and it had a nice well seasoned crust. It has all the flavours that you want of a standard burger. The bun was nicely toasted and buttery, had the crunch with the lettuce and onion rings was good. But I did find it was missing a bit of tang. The pickle just didn't hit that mark for what ever reason. But it certainly didn't stop me from enjoying this burger. Charcoal chicken chips are very delicious. I will admit that this time round didn't taste as awesome the first time I had them. Felt like it was missing something. But definitely order them. Chips with little bits of chicken, chicken skin and just flavourful fat. Get on it! Little fact: They have cheese burger specials every Tuesday.





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