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The mac n cheesy When your family have no idea where you have been disappearing on those mysterious 2 hour burger adventures (no there isnt a secret girl I am hiding lol) it is always a nice surprise when they say lets go for gurgers, even if it is your day off burgering. Is it worth running anymore? No. Of course though they suggest big daddys burger bar, the down the road local. I liked memphis wings, the subs and ribs were really good so I thought ill go for one of them instead as my last burger experience was below average. Sadly they dont do these any longer and it is now primarily a burger joint. This was better than the last visit but still huge issues. The buns are the weakest of any place. They are dry, borderline stale, as per last visit. The beef is average at best and quite small. The whole burger in fact is tiny. The addition of bacon didnt hurt and set it apart from my last burger here. It dud provide the maple bacon sweetness but there was no crisp. Still though, not the worst i have had and definitely helped. The mac n cheese was pretty good. Mac cooked well but not cheesy sadly. The combo of mac with the chipoyle sauce though worked well enough that the cheese wasnt an issue. The simple ingredients list allows the mac to be more noticed than most burgers with this theme. Overall too small and those buns are just unforgiveable. The biggest issue though is the waiting time. Have bever been here without being told theres a 30 minute wait. I wouldnt care at all if the quality was worth the wait or if they still had ribs on the menu but serving primarily burgers makes me wonder what the wait id for. I could make it to parra in that time and i would have to waita few minutes for my food but I would be satisfied. Saying all that i gotta say The curly fries and shakes are amazing. I dont mind picking up food for family and just having a milkshake. Perhaps next time leave my car at the carwash next doir make use of that waiting time.





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