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I decided to give Milky Lane a try today (Sunday) despite the recent terrible reviews found on this app and various other websites with reviews of this place. A colleague had hit this place up not long after it opened and recommended it to me. We booked a table about a week in advance for 12pm (opening time) to make sure we got a seat and get served before it gets busy. We didn’t have to wait long for a waitress to come and take us to our table and were given a choice of which booth to sit in (which had comfortable seating). In addition to the Kevin Bacon I ordered the deep fried mash potato balls (from the October special menu) and the loaded fries as sides to share. The potato balls were nice and the loaded fries were great. Actually, the chips even on their own were nice. The Kevin Bacon was freshly cooked and the patties were well cooked through, though just a tad on the dry side. There was heaps of sauce and cheese on the burger and my only suggestion would be to add a little bit more punch to the sauce. The buns did their job and didn’t fall apart (for those that are interested). The chocolate milk shake we ordered was quite nice and was probably closer to a thick shake than a milk shake (a plus in my book). I’d go back again to try some of their other menu items. I saw on the bar towards the back of the store some bowls containing ingredients that I guess they were using to make drinks or desserts fresh, so that was a good sign in my book. Perhaps they upped their game from the bad reviews or maybe we just got lucky...but all I can say from experience is that I enjoyed the food and the great service.





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