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🐄 Double angus beef patty (170g) 🧀 Cheddar 🥓 Bacon 🥬 Lettuce 🍅 Tomato 🥒 Blend pickle 🧅 Onion jam 🍖 Sweet BBQ Sauce 🌭 Mild mustard You know, I really should be studying instead of writing reviews, but I’ll count it as a breather. 😉 I’d never seen nor heard about this place before, but I saw it on my Uber Eats free delivery promo so I chucked it into Google and it looked good so I decided to try it out. I didn’t know there was a burger joint this nice near my place. The main draw here in my opinion was the cheese, super melty and gooey and it just oozed into every crevice of the burger each bite was so nice and creamy. The beef patties were nice and juicy, with a rich beefy flavour and they’re nice and sizeable patties to boot! One minor complaint I had with the beef was that it was cooked to well-done, I personally prefer my burgers medium, but I’ll give them a pass because it was still juicy and tender, while maintaining a decently firm structure. The double beef made this entire burger just amazing. The sweet BBQ sauce added some sweetness and tanginess which worked in tandem with the mustard to balance out the heavier flavours of the beef. My only gripe with the sauce was that there wasn’t enough for me, it was perfect on most of the burger but my last quarter or so was pretty lacking in the sauce department. It was still delicious though. In addition to the condiments we have lettuce which was great added a little bit of freshness, and although I usually prefer more flavourful additions in my burger, worked pretty great in this burger regardless. The tomato slice found in my burger was another nit-pick I had with this burger, it didn’t really add much and I couldn’t taste it either. The texture was just basically soft and it was kind of lost in all the other flavours of the burger. Pickles and onion jam were great, added a bit of flavour and really enhanced the experience. Overall, the real main draw to this burger for me, was the cheese! If you love cheese, you should definitely consider trying this. The cheese was perfectly melted, and completely gooey, the cheese basically lost its original shape completely and wrapped around the patties like a neat little blanket melting around the shape of each ingredient and covering them in a delightfully cheesy flavour. I know, I’m being bit of a hypebeast but I love cheese, what can I say? Very simple ingredients on this burger but made well and I can’t stop thinking about that cheese! Very solid offering from Miss America’s Diner, I was definitely feeling this one, I’ll definitely be back for more! On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give this a MAJOR, MAJOR, GO!





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