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This is "The Southern Cali" from the newly opened @mjburgerbar in Ripponlea. Unlike the original Mocha Jos Burger Bar, this one is a fully fledged store with indoor seating and everything! Not that a little rain would've stopped me from downing a burger or two πŸ˜… * πŸ” Burger Breakdown πŸ€“ πŸ” - Double Fried Chicken Fillets πŸ§€ - Double American Cheese πŸ₯“ - Bourbon Bacon Jam πŸ₯— - Lettuce, Tomato 🌢️ - Chipotle Mayo βž• And because I'm forever bulking: πŸ„ - 600 Day Grain Fed Wagyu Beef πŸ₯“ - Bacon Strips πŸ§€ - More American Cheese 🍝 - Mac N Cheese Croquette * πŸ” REAL GOOD TIME, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! πŸ” This was a really good burger! Just felt it lacked in the only department I really care about πŸ˜… The Fried Chicken was great just not for me. It was all meat and a bit on the dry side. There wasn't any of that juicy inside I look for. The outer crumbing was there but it didn't provide a satisfying crunch too. The Beef was awesome, and went down a treat. I was expecting to taste something incredible after finding out it's aged 600 days though. It was good, just not as stupidly good as I was expecting. The Mac N cheese croquette was bloody brilliant! So cheesy and oh so so so good! The stand out from this burger however was that bourbon bacon jam. Holy shit man! that thing was straight πŸ”₯ Yo! I could taste it in every bite of the burger and it was seriously the highlight for me. * πŸ’Έ=$15.90 For the Standard which already has double chicken in it. Which I think is great value indeed. * For a burger joint that started off as a window out the backside of a restaurant in Glen Waverley, to a fully fledged burgers only store. You really have to commend these guys on staying true to their American Formula and making sure that the same burger from each of their locations, tastes exactly the same. This consistency is key to grow their reputable name. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ * 🧐TLDR= MJ'S FIRST STORE IS πŸ”₯YO





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