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🌟 WOULD YOU LIKE A LINE WITH THAT? 🌟 * 🍔 Patron + Chicken 🍔 📍@pablosescoburgers📍 * Thanks to the lil Gee @melbourneburgerkid I got the chance to finally check out the most controversial burger joint in recent history. @pablosescoburgers in Prahran. Obviously named after the infamous Drug Lord Pablo Escobar, each burger is served with a line of "coke" on top and rolled up note sticking out of it. This is the most unorthodox burger joint I've ever seen and honestly I love it! Haven't seen anyone this creative in a long time! 🙌🏾 * 🤓 Burger Breakdown 🤓 🐄 - Double Beef Patties 🥗 - Slow Cooked Brown Onions 🥓 - Crispy Candied Bacon 🧀 - Cheese 🥬 - Lettuce, Pickles 💦 - Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Cartel Secret Sauce Added: 🐔 - Southern Buttermilk Crispy Chicken * 🍔 (5/10) PRETTY DAMN STANDARD, NOT BAD BUT NOT GREAT! 🍔 I need to make this extremely clear. This rating and my review will be of the original burger without the chicken because that might've been the worst fried chicken I've ever had, but I'm not going to drag the original creation down because of what I added to it. So let's talk about this Burg! I really enjoyed the beef patties, great size to them, well cooked, juicy and plenty of flavour. The candied bacon was a banger, I really enjoy sweet and savoury together so having the sweetness of the bacon in there with the savoury beef patties was a good move 🙌🏾 I feel like they did overdo it with the sauces as 3 sauces in a burg is too much in my opinion, it all becomes one singular flavour and you aren't able to taste the difference. And this is where I'll speak of the chicken, firstly the unmelted cheese is a bad look. Secondly the chicken itself was dry, tough and overcooked 😔 * 💸= ($16.50) For the original Double Beef. I'd say that's pretty good value for money especially when you consider location, just off Chapel St 👌🏾 But don't even think about getting the chicken for an extra ($6), not worth it. * 🧐TLDR= Looking past the eye grabbing name, the burgers aren't bad! Just don't get the chicken in my opinion! Also it's garlic powder not coke 😅





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