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πŸ”πŸ” GUS BURGER πŸ”πŸ” Well I stopped off to wet my whistle at a pub nearby and stumbled across this place and man was I lucky I did 😍 it may not be the prettiest photo but this burger was a babe πŸ˜‚ πŸ” Buttermilk fried chicken infused with maple and hot spices & sauce ( breast or thigh optional ) πŸ₯’ Candied Jalapenos 😍 βœ”οΈ Slaw βœ”οΈ Smoked chilli aioli ( added ) πŸ§€ American cheese 🍞 Brioche bun So this place opened up about 6 months ago and this burger was create about 6 days ago by chef Gus, explains the name πŸ˜€. A couple of hick ups like the cheese was left off and the candied jalapenos and the added sauce was on as a side but it was all resolved. The coating on this chicken was beautiful and crunchy and you could taste the flavours of maple and the spices and the chicken was so soft and succulent and big thick piece's. The slaw was fantastic full of flavor with aioli and lemon and lime peppers flavours coming through. The candied jalapenos wow. He gave me like 20 in a bowl and i threw 10 on my burger and ate the rest like candy. The chilli aioli was beautiful,a great sauce full of flavour. The bun was so soft and held well together all the way through, this burger was almost perfect. Now you say hey Steve'o where is the bacon, well apparently I'm the first person to ask lol anyways I've recommend streaky maple bacon and they'll get onto it. I'll definitely be back on my next holiday to try the cheeky burger and sides. Can't wait 😁





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