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So across the road from Hounds in wahroonga is this little restaurant.... why you may ask would I venture here? When it’s an end of year work do, I of course attend! Modern Australian/Italian themed I viewed the lunch menu - couple of burgers, so why not?! I was sick as a dog and needed to hit a burg craving anyways! Wasn’t expecting much - was totally surprised........ The reel monster beef burger 200g angus patty 🐂 Double bacon 🥓🥓 Double cheddar🧀🧀 Tomato jam🍅🍓 Caramelised onion The beef here was actually done really well! (Side not my colleagues steaks were cooked to perfection) so the beef game is on point. Slightly pink, and juicey as. The bacon was doubled but was also not crispy af - to be expected. The real winner however was the tomato jam. Mixed in with the onion, it was the sweet cut through taste that propelled this burg from the Barry basic into the, I’m actually really enjoying this factor! Bun was soft as, and whilst no urban, certainly sufficed! Cheese melt - got better as I ate it haha. Size wise - well maybe the ‘reel monster’ was a play on words, but a triple here would have been probably still not big. However, paired with some chips it didn’t leave me hankering for an ice cream or a donut, so ahh well. Burger lovers will naturally default to across the street - and that ain’t changing, but for a sit down work lunch this was very muchly on point!





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