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Salty Rooster, a Northern Beaches institution that has been satisfying the masses and significantly depleting worldwide reserves of our feathery, two-legged, egg-laying friends once again resulted in a qualm free experience as it dished out a burger of such sumptuous quality that it must have been blessed by Allah himself whilst being bathed in a bowl of Jebus' blood. Although Salty Rooster has been in Queenscliff for more than a decade, the sound of the grill igniting every morning still strikes fear and sends shudders through the bodies of even the most hardy and battle-hardened of the chicken folk. For those misguided souls who are yet to feel the warm and juicy embrace of the Saltiest of Roosters, do not be overawed by the sheer size of the menu (which rivals the length of the Chopper's monstrous and infamous slong). All of the 16 Burgs are phenomenal and any grazer worth his salt must find the time in his busy grazing schedule to devour every option that this delicious local abode has to offer. "The Jamacian", which I had the pleasure of enjoying today is the perfect companion to a sweltering Strayan summer day. The chicken, grilled not fried, is accompanied by a vast array of refreshing vegetables and smothered in a quirky mango sauce all of which is held within a fluffy brioche bun. Eating this Burgs on the beach whilst viewing the spectacular wildlife that Queenscliff beach has on display is enough to rustle anyone's jimmies. As has been foretold by minstrels in their tales for centuries, the desire of the local populace to devour Burgs from Salty Rooster is rivalled only by the the desire of a roomful of paeodphiles lusting after a youthful 16yr old ripe for the picking and flock there in droves. In summer, especially, the scene outside Salty Rooster can often resemble that of an underage rave with 100s, nay 1000s of people loitering outside the store, sweating and regretting their inability to ignore their need to have something from Salty Rooster deep, deep inside them. In fact, this is the only Burgs palace I have ever been to that has been so busy that they have sold out of chicken! Twice!!! Whilst the name Salty Rooster should be enough to arouse both your curiosity and your third leg, the chance to see live chickens being dunked into steaming vats of oil right in front of yours eyes must get you down to Salty Rooster right now before they run out of chook once more.





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