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All right lets start with an appolegy for the photo. I picked the wrong table and had some strobe light next to me. Felt like I was in a brothel except no one was naked. I saw this burger on the pic and started getting a tickle in my undercarriage. This looked and sounded like my dream burger. WTF $16. I told work I feel sick and I left. I went up to order and the staff told me $21. I instantly thought thanks burger collective I'll get discounted here. But no they priced it wrong on this page apparently. They did throw in a free chips to make up for it but $21 was the price. I was no happy thinking in going to have this burger and 4.5 is now my max rating for this burger. I take into account price and experience into my rating sooooo they had their work cut out. But boy did they make up for it. Oh my god. My first bite. I didnt know anything can be so soft. I didn't realise that my teeth can go through a burger and not know it has bitten anything untill I'm grinding my teeth tring to figure out when they first touched the burger. Everything on this burger was amazing. The popper were the hero. I wanna fault this place for their food to justify the missing 0.5 and all I can think of is the fact that because the brisket meat was larger then the burger the last2 bites are just brisket. And that was the least fav part of the burger. It wasn't bad but the rest of the burger was just so amazing. In conclusion fix your price and organise your loyal burger collective guys and this is going to become the burger shop of choice.





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