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We decided to order through UberEATS from Easey's to get a decent meal at the tradeshow we were attending. I ordered the 'Melbourne Madness' burger which was very tasty. The onion dim sums were a nice component of the burger adding some crunch and sweetness to the burger. Unfortunately the patty had a bit of spring to it and didn't have that melt in your mouth texture. To be fair the burger was cooked perfectly medium with a bit of pink but was probably a bit cold from being delivered so I would definitely like to try this burger again and dine in.





Monroe's Burgers & Beers

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Excuse the poor photography, but managed to sneak a quick photo before devouring this amazing burger. The Nice Guy @ Beaufort & Ikes Beef, bacon, chilli jam, cheese, pickles, onion, paprika mayo. Patty was tender as hell, cooked to absolute pink perfection, cheese was nicely melted, the chilli jam danced all over the taste buds without being overpowering, these guys could run a bacon cooking masterclass as it was crispy yet still melts in your mouth. Of particularly pleasant surprise was the soft fluffy bun, comprised of what appeared to be nothing more complicated than white bread dough, buttered and perfectly toasted - it not only encased all the juicy ingredients without turning into a slopfest, but really allowed the flavours of the other ingredients to shine, and was a refreshing change from your standard brioche and milk bun fare. For my tastes they were a little heavy handed with the pickle portioning, but that was swiftly rectified after a bite or two. Highly recommend! - Paul





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