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The Blacksmith

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peter marrinon

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I stopped in to try out their new burger menu and was definitely impressed. The Blacksmith Burger ($16.50) 8.5/10 This is a big burger, it will fill you up. Meat patty was very tender with lots of cheese. I’m not usually a fan of egg on burgers but it’s a good addition to the aioli, cheese & bacon combo. The tomato relish doesn’t really seem like it fits with the rest of the burger, I think lettuce/tomato and a good BBQ sauce would make it a much better burger …..but I still loved it and will probably order it again. Sweet Potato Wedges w/paprika aioli ($8) 9.5/10 The test of good fries/wedges is that they don’t need sauce…and these Sweet potato wedges smash that test, some of the best I’ve had. They come in a big serving size, plenty for 2 people and the aioli is really tasty. Overall – Very tasty and high quality burger menu, generous servings and reasonably priced. Check this place out if you want a good burger in the south east.





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