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🍔 BIGGER AND BETTER THAN BEFORE! 🍔 * Good Morning Legends! Ya boy is back with some great news for anyone in the Doncaster area. Your local High Class Fish and Chip Shop @thefishandburgerco have just gone through some major upgrades, one of which is a new Gelato Bar! Just in Time for Summer! 🔥 * You'll have to excuse the poor photography here, the sun was setting as I took this shot, so it's not my best work. This is the "Double Chilli Cheeseburger" with added extras. That I shared with my burger bae @brandanchong while feasting through the whole menu at @thefishandburgerco last week. 😎 * 🍔 Burger Breakdown 🤓 💳 " Double Chilli Cheese " 🐄 - 2x Beef Patties 🧀 - 2x American Cheddar 🥗 - Lettuce, Pickles, Onion 🌶️ - Jalapenos 💦 - Ketchup, Mayo & Chilli Cheese Sauce Added: 🐔 - Fried Chicken 🥓 - Streaky Bacon * 🍔 (8.5/10) REAL GOOD TIME, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! 🍔 Yes even though you really can't see anything except the copious amounts of chilli cheese sauce (which was sublime btw) making it a very saucy burger. Luckily it tasted great like every burger from @thefishandburgerco does! The beef patties were quality as usual. Made with 3 different cuts of beef and cooked medium. They were juicy and flavourful, such a great time. The Fried Chicken had good flavour but the coating was softened due to the heap of sauce. 😔 The Bacon is always on point here, great flavour and just the way I like it! The Chilli Cheese Sauce and Jalapenos brought a good level of heat to the burger without being overpowering 👌🏾 * 💸= $16.90 For the Standard Burger without all the extras added on. Since the burgers at @thefishandburgerco are so dense I'm going to say it's worth the coin, because you will definitely be full after it. * Like I mentioned earlier, they've gone through some renovations since last time I came here! Expanded dining area with outdoor seating as well. But the main thing I was excited to see was that Gelato Bar! Using only artisanal Italian Ingredients you can really taste the quality in every scoop! This is sure to be the place to be during the upcoming Hot Summer days! 😎 * 🧐TLDR= FISH N BURGER JUST EXPANDED AND GOT A NEW GELATO BAR TOO! 🍦





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