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Two Jays Burger Bar (Chatswood)

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🍔🌞 Double Californian 🌞🍔 . Double Angus Beef Patties Double American Cheese Smoked Bacon Avocado Tomato Lettuce Aioli Sauce Milk Bun . 🍔🌞🍔🌞🍔🌞🍔 ~ Promising new addition to burgeoning Olympic Park burger scene 😁 I’ve said it before, their menu is far to big. It takes ten minutes for the new punter to try and work out what they want, mainly because most burgers are a variation on the same base theme, with a couple of different ingredients mixed and matched. You’ll get to know them all through Noobs insatiable appetite to find a diamond in the rough 😄 This was my first burger back in Oz, and the first since In-N-Out. I wanted to compare it to the double double so went with the Californian. It looks good and a lot of what’s inside is good. The beef is cooked through though it was really juicy, the cheese melted nicely into beef, giving each bite a gooey feel. Texture was really good. The beef was far to salty though. Neither Noob or others that have tried the burgers complained of it, so I’ll try another similar burger and see if it was a one off. Bacon needed more time on the grill, but there wasn’t much of it so didn’t get in the way. The aioli was a strong garlic aioli. It was too strong a flavour. Needs to be turned back a notch. The salty garlic aioli flavour dominated the salad ingredients. While the bun was pillowy soft, it did get a bit doughy in a couple of bites which surprised me. It’s an almost there burger. A couple of small changes to the beef and a different sauce and this round be a solid 3.8. There may be a hidden gem located here, and I’ll certainly be giving them another go.





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