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Wild Pear Cafe has amazing food, many menu items with Middle Eastern flavours. I always enjoy a top down drive along the Dural country roadside, however it’s the food that makes this place worth a visit. The food is always good, but it seem that the food has been especially good over the past two years. Their service standard has also improved dramatically so this is a shout out to their service team. As a point of interest, Larissa Takchi, who sometimes works front of house was crowned Australia’s Masterchef foe 2019 and her mum is a master in the kitchen. Ok, enough background on Wild Pear Cafe. I’ve had a few burgers from Wild Pear Cafe in Dural over the past two years. My first two were disappointing. They simply don’t stand up in terms of taste, composition, structire and accompanying chips. So I steered clear of their burgers until September 2019 when one of the very attentive service staff suggested I let go the past and give their burger another chance. The burger was so good that I made another trip to Wild Pear that month to see if my last visit was a unicorn or if WP really knows how to serve us a proper burger to worthy standards. Now, let me declare that my assessment standards are weighted on delicate, yet traditional balance vs gluttonous burgers where the focus is on more-is-best. I have no issue with burgers that are stacked way up to heaven... they’re just not my thing. Ok, back to WP’s Black Angus Burger. The beef tastes like little fingers of angels formed each patty. The construction and sauces hit the mark and there are no shortcuts on the bun... it tastes great too. For me, a burger isn’t complete unless it’s chips are rated... and WP’s hand-cut chips lightly double deep fried are worthy of a stand alone menu item. I’ve had two Angus burgers from WP since September and there’s no question, ‘I’ll be back’. As a footnote, WP’s Middle Eastern Grill main is amazing. It was my go to choice during the time that I was protesting the old burger. Thanks to WP Cafe for serving up a very solid burger. And quality burgers are needed all the more off the back of Netflix’s Gamechangers doco... gee it seems James Cameron took massive liberties in presenting his propaganda if the Chris Kresser interview by Joe Rogan is only just partially correct.





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