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🍔🍔 The Beefy Bacon 🍔🍔 * Signature 80/20 Beef Patty * Double Smokey American Streaky Bacon * American Cheese * Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (added) * Cos Lettuce * Tomato * Bacon Jam * Mayonnaise * Milk Bun I will be honest with you! Before my visit to Zaza's Grill, Plumpton didn't interest me at all. I knew about Plumpton and that was enough for me. After my visit to this hidden gem in the west of Sydney, I now have taken note of Plumpton. I had heard about Zaza's Grill before from Burger_Grandmaster's reviews. So when X-Ray_Mike, Burger_Grandmaster and yours truly organized a catch up, I was keen to check it out for myself. I will start by saying the couple who run this place are so down to earth and are just all-round nice people. The hospitality shown to us from start to finish was top notch. For a small shop with limited space and equipment they sure are dishing out quality burgers. I ended up picking The Beefy Burger because the ingredient list had me licking my lips, but it wasn't easy with the range of delicious burgers to choose from. With nice fresh salad at the bottom that absorbed all the juices from the meaty affair above it. That is definitely how I like my salads in burgers. Then there was plenty of crispy bacon in this burger. I had a layer at the top and a layer at the bottom. So if you're not a fan of bacon(said no sane person ever) this burger ain't for you. In the middle of my burger there was a juicy patty that was seasoned nicely and topped with a cheese melt. I was advised to add some mozzarella sticks and I definitely recommend it. Each stick had a nice amount of gooey cheese and were just divine. My only concern when ordering this burger was the mayo. I wasn't sure how it would go but I can assure you it worked perfectly with the bacon jam. Both the jam and mayo played off each other nicely and neither one overpowered the other, but both played an important role. If you're ever around the Plumpton area make sure you pop in and visit this hidden gem in the west.





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